<![CDATA[DolliciousBeauty - Blog]]>Fri, 02 Feb 2018 19:21:50 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Vintage Wedding Shoot]]>Thu, 24 Sep 2015 20:07:32 GMThttp://dolliciousbeauty.com/blog/vintage-wedding-shootI was very fortunate to take part in a very cool concept alongside GH Photography and Amanda Reinhart. First of, I have to say how easy and fun it was to work with these guys. I don't typically do photo shoots and this one was booked supper last minute so I wasn't sure what to expect. Let me tell you, the pictures turned out stunning and I am so proud for such a fantastic collaboration and hoping to work with Amanda, Peter & Brittney once again. Check out GH blog with all the pictures and here are my sneak peaks :) 

Amanda was very nice and easy going. Loved working with her pretty face.
<![CDATA[Winter Wedding Bells]]>Thu, 20 Aug 2015 21:06:45 GMThttp://dolliciousbeauty.com/blog/winter-wedding-bellsThe Winter Wonderland Nuptials aka My Big Fat Greek Wedding
***All images are by amazing Glitzz Photography 
To beat the ordinary wedding season we decided to tie the knot on a third day of 2015, right in the middle of evil winter in Edmonton. The fact that it was only -30 did not make our day any less perfect. The Mother Nature gifted us with a beautiful fluffy snowfall and gorgeous sunshine. After all we both knew what we were getting ourselves into, and although deep inside, I was hoping for a warmer day, my wedding day met all of my expectations and more.
Hope you enjoy some of the highlights of my big day. And how the Greeks say..Opa!
Jimmy Choo shoes - purchased at Holtrenfrew Calgary

Dress: Pronovias * Veil: Pronovias Lagara * Jewelry: Eva Krystal * 
Hair: Hair Designs By Maggie Makeup: Dollicious Beauty

Tuxedo: Vera Wang * Bow tie: Kenzo *Cufflinks: Swarovski

Bridal entourage dressed in David's Bridal 2014 Prom Collection Mint Gowns
Bridesmaids Makeup: by Mookie Salinas

Thanks to my mom, who poured her heart and soul into this, our dessert table was the most talked about topic among the guests. I think I need a separate blog post dedicated to just our dessert table.

Thank you for checking out my wedding blog! Reminiscing my big day gives me bliss in my heart! Stay tuned for my text post. Ciao for now :)

<![CDATA[Sigma Brushes Love]]>Tue, 18 Aug 2015 18:55:31 GMThttp://dolliciousbeauty.com/blog/sigma-brushes-loveFirst Blog post...What do you really talk about?  Picture
This is no secret to anybody that Sigma brushes are one of the best makeup brushes on the market comparable to MAC in quality but definitely attracting with the price point that is so much more affordable to freelance makeup artists, like myself, around the world. YouTube beauty gurus did a pretty in depth reviews on them, which truly helped me to select the best of the best brushes that work amazing and are highly reached out by me for personal use as well as professional. Without further due, I would like to show you my Sigma collection and introduce you to my top 10 Face & Eye brushes.   

1. F80 Kabuki Brush
Infamous F80 is the most highly raved about tool for a reason... This baby will make your foundation look beautifully blended and airbrushed without leaving any streaks. So far haven't found a foundation brush that is equally amazing or better.   As a side note, I did end up caving to the sister brush 3DHD Kabuki and I must say F80  is definitely the way to go.
2. F86 Tapered Kabuki
I died and went to heaven....Where has this brush been all my life? It makes any cream based product blend extraordinarily, whether it's a concealer or cream contouring. This is a staple in my morning concealer routine. One thing I will say Beauty Blender sponge is my back up for concealer buffer in case when my F86 is dirty. 
3. F84 Angled Kabuki
I came across this brush when I was looking for a bronzing/contouring brush for my soleil tan de chanel cream bronzer. I thought it would give me a very soft application for every day wear. It met all of my expectations applying my beloved cream bronzer in the most subtle yet sharp way. I don't reach out for it every day as I do not use cream bronzing/contouring on daily basis, but when I do it is one brush I truly reach out for.      
4. F25 Tapered Face
Besides the fact that this brush feels absolutely amazing when it touches your face with it's soft bristles this is such a universal magic wand. I've done powder contouring and highlighting with it, I've applied blush with it,  all over face powder and yes yes even dipped it into translucent powder to set the concealer. This brush is AMAZING!
5. F35 Tapered Highlighter 
This little baby sister of F25 brush is my everyday favorite. Shimmers have always been one of my favorite makeup products and ever since Jaclyn Hill came out with her infamous Becca Champagne Pop I've been wearing it every single day and oh boy this brush deposits just the right amount of product on my skin. I also love using this brush to set my under eye concealer and blush as it gives much more precise application than big sister F25. 
6. E40 Tapered Blending
This is one brush I could never live without. I can practically do my entire eye makeup with just this one brush especially if I am on a crunch time. It is a dupe for MAC 224 brush which I also love, but I feel like Sigma gives me much more blended effect without chopping up eye shadows and saves me more blending time if you know what I mean. 
7. E48 Pointed Crease
I feel like this brush is not getting enough love on social media. Yes it might be for more advanced makeup users, but oh boy this brush is a true genius when it comes to creating a perfectly diffused cut crease. It is supper soft but dense which allows a great control over application.
8. E30 Pencil
This type of brush is a definite staple in my brush collection. It is absolutely identical to MAC 219 and I love them both equally for that reason. Sigma hands down is a cheaper alternative with the same quality. This brush is perfect for outer corner definition, diffusing bottom lash line, creating precise cut crease...you name it.
9. E45 Small Tapered Blending
This bad boy is a fantastic outer corner crease brush as well as many other versatile things. It works beautifully when applying darker shades keeping them precise and on point. Also since it is in a Tapered Brush family I feel like this brush works very well as a highlighter brush in the smaller areas of the face such as bridge of the nose and brow bone. My latest discovery of this brush was a pretty wicked contouring that I've done on myself with Anastasia Contouring Kit. 
10. E32 Exact Blend
I wouldn't say this brush is something I reach for on daily basis but when I do it is for applying pigments...yes pigments! I wet it generously with Fix+ and dip it into pigment packing it onto the lid. The result is mesmerizing. Despite of what the name suggests I don't think I've ever enjoyed this brush as a blending one. But let's not be fooled out here, we do not always use our tools for their direct purpose, this is just the part of fun where you learn to use brushes and cater their functions to your own convenience. 
Please note that all of these brushes have been generously used for over a year now, therefore my opinion of them is based on a very extensive use and by no means is sponsored by Sigma :)
Thank you for checking out my post. Please write a comment if you found this review helpful or if you have any questions. Until next time!